Bleh, my kinda guy/gay?

Dating in the gay world can be so hard. My kinda guy is someone around my age (20), but a few years difference doesn’t hurt. Looks do matter, to an extent. I don’t think it’s shallow, I have to be attracted to someone, and at the same time I know I’m not the best looking guy on the planet, so I don’t think I have high standards. Someone who’s mildly in shape or slim is fine and a nice set of pearly whites is a huge plus. Oh, and short hair. Hispanic and white/Italian guys always seem to catch my eye. However, it’s so hard to find personality that matches the looks. I need someone who’s also intelligent, can hold a conversation and can make me laugh. If you can’t make me laugh then there’s no way we will work out together. Someone who is adventurous, spontaneous and silly and isn’t afraid to try new things, even if they’re a little embarrassing (for instance, I still LOVE playing Pokemon). And I love a guy who is passionate about something, whether it’s writing, a hobby, whatever; passion, drive and confidence makes a man sexy. 

Is it too much asking for monogamy? I feel like everyone’s a slut in the gay world. Bleh. Well, maybe one day I’ll meet a prince charming. 


So you just gonna bring me a birthday gift on my birthday to my birthday party on my birthday with a birthday gift?


ur very cute and very far away please come be cute closer to me

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World Population : 7,810,521,683 

just in case somebody start feelin too important

7,810,521,682 and me


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